how to write really, really good  blog posts
Everybody knows that the best way to get some love from Google is to have a blog on your website. But how do you write really good blog posts when you’re really bad at writing?

It’s simple: don’t write at all.

No, I’m not suggesting that you outsource writing of your posts to someone else. That would into defeat the purpose entirely of you sharing your expertise and experience with your devoted fans.

What I’m suggesting is even simpler and more cost effective.

The solution is to dictate using a program that will transcribe your posts. Not only does it make it easier for you to find the time to write your posts, it is done much more quickly and more efficiently than if you had to fire up your computer and sit down and launch your word processing application to type your post

An unexpected benefit of dictating your posts is that they tend to be clearer, more interesting, and easier to read than posts that you have typed yourself. This is because we tend to be less formal more relaxed and more engaged when speaking about a topic that we’re interested in than when we try to write about it.

I found this to be very true in my time as a technical writer when working with subject experts to capture business processes on paper. Many would think that they could supply the material for their section of the procedure manual, using me to give it a copy edit. Thus, they could avoid wasting any time speaking to the writer who was there merely to annoy them. However what was proven time and again was that the way they described the processes to me was far more clear (and accurate!) than when they tried to write it themselves.

For this reason I always prefer to interview people and asking questions to obtain information and then feed this information back to them for confirmation and correction.

When working as a technical writer I used a dictaphone to record the interviews which saved them as MP3 files that I was able to download to my laptop. During the interviews I also made notes in the form of process map diagrams. When I reviewed these diagrams, I would also listen to the interview recordings and combine both sources to develop detailed and accurate documents.

These days, I find it much easier to use a smart phone to record interviews, blog posts and articles. This can be done using the built-in voice recorder app which will save your thoughts as an audio file. You can then be download it to your computer and process it through a program like Dragon Dictation.

There are also a number of dictation apps available for your smart phone that will allow you to dictate short chunks of content which are then immediately transcribed into text on your phone. You can then edit the text directly in the app and share on social media, or copy and paste it into another app to edit or post to your blog. If you’re multi-tasking, it’s easy to email it to yourself (or to Evernote) to edit later in Word or Pages.

This is very handy for ensuring that all ideas are captured and turned into useful content whether it be for publication or simply for personal memos to be acted on later.  After all we cannot control when our best ideas come to us; it may be while washing up, walking the dog or while feeding your baby. Talk about multitasking!

Hopefully these suggestions have given you a few ideas as to how you can write blog posts and publish them more frequently, more quickly, and to a higher standard

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any great innovations that make writing blog posts easier or more enjoyable.

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