Like most digital professionals, much of what I do has been self-taught.

I did study web design at university, along with information systems, programming, writing. And then there is the endless list of short courses I’ve done in graphic design, technical writing, software applications, and the proper qualifications in both Training and in Editing.

But much of what I do day-to-day comes from personal experience and a huge amount of reading and experimenting.

So I have decided to spend a bit of time in gaining a certification in Social Media through the Social Media That Works course, offered by BlueWire Media.

On a personal level, it is partly to help me feel like I have a more credible backing to what I do, which is actually kinda crazy cos I have so many years of experience undermining my work. But it does help to frame that experience in a more current context. And the course is great at providing a very practical framework around managing the practicalities of social media as well as how to develop awesome strategies, policies, and plans.

I’ve chosen Blue Wire’s course as I’ve been following Adam and Toby’s work for a few years now. I’ve read their book and used their worksheets. Their messages are around building sound human relationships through social media, not just extracting money from a list. I like that.