B School here i come!
So many of the people I admire in the world of online business have something in common: they’re graduates of Marie Forleo’s B School.

B School is an 8-week program that teaches the essential marketing skills needed to succeed as a heart-centred entrepreneur, doing business online or offline.

I’ve seen so many online programs and even signed up for a few. Very few have delivered such visible results.

I get so excited when I see people growing and succeeding, whether they’re friends, clients or even my competition. I’ve been watching women and their businesses really step up after completing B School and I’ve decided that now it’s my turn. I am out of my mind with excitement!

I signed up through Natalie MacNeil, founder of the Conquer Club. Natalie’s B School support program features some amazing women as mentors, and should fill in any gaps for implementing the info from B School. Natalie’s Conquer Summit gave me some really useful tools for boosting my confidence and just getting started, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what else she has to say.

Have you done B School? Are you doing it this year (2015)? Let me know in the comments.